“Over many years Rocky Sorrenti has given us invaluable advice and assistance with our affairs resulting in some amazingly effective investment strategies. He is always accessible and approachable and unfailingly accurate in his work.”

Gordon Rennick

“Dear Rocky,

The efforts you have expended on our behalf over the past several years are greatly appreciated by myself and all of our staff.

You have provided excellent advice on general business matters, business and personal taxation, investments and retirement goals not only for the company but for several of our employees.

I am of the firm opinion that on a benefit/cost basis you have cost us nothing as the benefits we have received from you far exceed the cost. I consider you to be not only a trusted advisor but I have also come to value you as a close associate and personal friend. You have made measurable contributions to the growth our company has experienced over the past several years.”

Lloyd L Carter

“Dear Rocky,

You have been a valued friend to me for a good number of years now and I would like to acknowledge how grateful I am for your guidance and expertise in my business, Karagata Nominees Pty Ltd. I was fortunate when you considered to take me on board when you decided to venture on your own. It was from that point of time that I was no longer on my own. 

You put in place a program that saw Karagata grow under your professional expertise. There is no question in my mind that through careful planning as my accountant, I was able to retire with a sizeable superannuation. I have no hesitation when discussing business with whoever will listen, to sing your praises as you have great insight into business. I will be forever grateful to you and not only as my accountant but as a valued friend.”

Frank Hipworth